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What You Need to Know When Choosing Automatic Door Closers

As their name suggests, door closers are often used in commercial buildings to ensure that doors close. Automatic door closers come with door controls to open and hold open doors as well.

Door closers use spring tension modulated by hydraulic fluid to control the latch speed, which is how quickly or slowly the door closes in the last few seconds.

Uses for Automatic Door Closers

Automatic door closers can be used with exterior or interior doors and have a variety of uses:

  • Entry door closers make a professional first impression by helping your customers open doors more easily, so they don’t have to manage the weight of a door.
  • Door closers add a layer of security outside the building. Interior door closers can be used to limit access to high-security areas inside.
  • They are commonly used with fire doors for fire safety.
  • Automatic doors are also useful for energy efficiency, as they prevent heat or air from escaping.
  • Door closers are often used to close screen doors that keep out pests and debris.

Types of Door Closers

There are three primary kinds of overhead door closers:

  • The regular arm is used on the “pull” side of the door. This is power-efficient but can be less attractive because the arm projects out.
  • A top jamb is also power-efficient and projects out from the “push” side of the door. While a regular arm is mounted on the door, the top jamb is mounted on the doorframe, which is useful for doors with narrow top rails, such as commercial glass entry doors.
  • The parallel arm is more attractive than the other two options because it is not perpendicular, which also makes it more difficult to vandalize. It is more common for these reasons, but less powerful.

Shopping for Automatic Door Closers

Before purchasing an automatic door closer, determine whether the closer will be mounted on the pull or push side. Note the door material if the closer will be mounted on the door itself. The size of the location also matters if it will be placed above the door.

Measure the door width, size and weight. It’s also important to note if the closer is for an interior or exterior door, if it’s in a high-traffic area and how much “backswing” the door needs.

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may need a heavy-duty door closer for high-traffic areas.

Install Your Door Closers with Glass Doctor®

You want your customers’ experience to be a good one from the moment your doors open. A professional installer such as Glass Doctor will ensure that you choose the right door closer based on all the variables to consider. Professional installation also ensures that the closer is aligned properly.

Glass Doctor professionals install and repair door frames, doors and automatic door closers. Call us today at 855-603-1919 for a free consultation and quote.