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Large Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Trust the experts at Glass Doctor® to create and install your large bathroom mirror. Showcase your personal style and make your mirror the centerpiece of your bathroom. Our certified professionals will take careful measurements and ensure the perfect installation of your large bathroom mirror. Call us today at (855) 603-1919 to find a Glass Doctor location near you.

What to Expect with Glass Doctor

During your free, in-home consultation, a Glass Doctor expert will meet with you to determine the spacial and stylistic needs for your large bathroom mirror. Our uniformed professionals will take precise measurements to ensure that your custom glass mirror is cut to fit your space and will consider factors like the amount of storage you have available, the general style of your bathroom, and the overall spaciousness of the room.

Glass Doctor has over 40 years of experience in designing custom mirrors for bathrooms in homes across the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that every job performed meets customer expectations.

Custom Bathroom Mirror Designs

Below are some basic mirror types to consider for your bathroom:

  1. Frameless mirror—This unique and modern mirror mounts directly onto the bathroom wall. Traditionally made to fit the length of a vanity, these pieces can be cut to any size.
  2. Framed mirror—If you want to add a more intricate style to your bathroom, a framed mirror is a great place to start. There are a number of design ideas, from a contemporary look and clean-cut framed mirrors to an intricate and ornate style created through frame engravings and designs.
  3. Venetian mirror—Incorporate a bit of the 1920’s into your bathroom decor with this etched and framed mirror design. This type of mirror is usually found among elaborate, historical decor.

Install Your Large Bathroom Mirror with Glass Doctor

The experts at Glass Doctor will design and install your bathroom mirror to match any style you desire. We offer guaranteed quality craftsmanship, certified experts, and up-front pricing. Call us at (855) 603-1919 to find the closest Glass Doctor location and get started designing your large custom bathroom mirror.



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