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What You Need to Know About Bevels

What is a bevel? A bevel is an instrument used for adjusting a surface of a particular inclination or to straighten out a slanted surface or edge. The word bevel comes from a French term meaning “with open mouth.” Learn more about beveled objects and how you can use them around your home below.

What Is a Bevel Used For?

You can use a bevel to smooth the edge on a piece of glass or wood. Stained glass windows are beveled to catch the light and change the shading around the glass, for instance. A bevel will soften edges and can be used to create decorative household pieces or fixtures such as glass tabletops or beveled mirrors. The biggest reasons to bevel an edge include the following:

Why Use a Bevel?

  • To create safer edges
  • To increase an object’s wear resistance
  • To create a uniquely decorative piece or object
  • To fit one object with another

Bevel and Chamfer

Sometimes the terms bevel and chamfer are used interchangeably, but they are different. A chamfer cut is made at a 45-degree angle. A bevel cut, however, is made to form any other angle that is less than a 90-degree angle.

Understanding How a Bevel Works

Often, a bevel is used in carpentry and metalwork. A sliding bevel is an instrument, for example, that can be adjusted to transfer angles. By tightening a screw, you can lock the points at the blade and handle at any angle to make a cut or slant in an object or material. Custom-made bevels can be created with clusters, sets of beveles or geometric shapes.

Bevel Custom Solutions with Glass Doctor®

At Glass Doctor, we offer a wide variety of beveled objects, such as custom beveled mirrors. We will bevel a piece of wood or glass, as well as transparent wood, which can be used in solar panels or windows. We also offer the following:

What We Offer:

  • Single, double or triple bevels
  • Standard or custom-designed objects
  • Beveled mirrors in all shapes and sizes
  • Expert advice
  • Accurate estimates
  • Free consultations

Call Glass Doctor Today

At Glass Doctor, we will work with you to create a design from a simple sketch or idea. Call Glass Doctor experts today at 855-603-1919 to find a store near you or to schedule your free consultation.



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